Marathon Race Schedules On The East CoastJul 17, 2013

Marathon running continues to grow in popularity in the United States, and some of the biggest races take place on the east coast. The Boston marathon has over 100 years of history and is the most prestigious race in the sport. The field is the most competitive of any race and simply qualifying is considered an achievement.

The New York City Marathon is the biggest race held in North America and dates back to 1970. The course takes in some of the world’s most iconic landmarks as it winds its way through all of the (more…)

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Marathon Race Schedules On The West CoastMay 20, 2013

Marathons are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Because a large population of runners live on the west coast of the United States, California hosts a variety of marathons every year. If you’re on the west coast and are interested in participating in a marathon, the following events in California are excellent choices:

OC Marathon

The OC Marathon is held on May 5th of every year in Newport Beach, California. Some of the races offered during this event include the 5 kilometer (more…)

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Complete List Of Marathon Races In 2011Mar 20, 2013

One online source has tabulated the results of 711 marathons that were run in 2011. Not only can you find all of the 711 races they list which took place in 2011, but you can find out the names and times of all participants. The site has race results for marathons dating back to 1999. The site has something for marathoners performing at all levels. One link will lead you to “running calculators” including such things as a “pace chart” and a “pace/time/distance calculator”, (more…)

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Marathon Health Warning SignsMar 3, 2012

Marathon running is hard on the body, that’s no secret, but it’s not too hard to avoid a medical debt settlement or a trip to the emergency room if you’re careful. Whether you’re an experienced runner or a first-time marathoner, these are a few signs to look out for when you’re training or even during the race
Bleeding Blisters: Don’t ignore blisters just because you get them often – big blisters, particularly those that bleed can really wreak havoc on your body. Watch for signs of infection and clean around the blister only – don’t pop it, allow it to flood out on its own.
Knee Issues: If your knees start to go during a long training run you may have done permanent damage. If knee problems are new to you don’t just brush off pain as part of the process, get an MRI to make sure you haven’t torn a ligament.
Dehydration: On race day you’re going to have a lot on your mind but hydrating must be first and foremost. Don’t ignore warning signs like headache, dry mouth and even increased urination – all these can be signs of dangerous dehydration.

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Complete List Of Marathon Races In 2012Sep 16, 2011

January 2012

TBA Florida Marathon, Half Marathon Clermont, FL
1/1/2012 Texas Marathon Kingwood, TX
TBA Happy New Year Marathon & Half Marathon Huntington Beach, CA
1/7/2012 Harbison 50K & 10K Columbia, SC
1/7/2012 Mississippi Blues Marathon Jackson, MS
1/7/2012 Disney World Half Marathon Orlando, FL
1/7/2012 Running From An Angel Marathon (1/2, 10K, 5K & 50 miler) Las Vegas, NV
1/8/2012 Disney World Marathon Orlando, FL
1/8/2012 First Light Marathon & Half Marathon Mobile, AL
TBA Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor Marathon Northfield, MN
1/14/2012 Charleston Marathon, Half, 10K & 5K Charleston, SC
1/14/2012 Museum (more…)

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Compete Guide To Racing A MarathonSep 15, 2011

Marathon racing is a single day event that takes months of physical and mental preparation. Start line of a 26-mile race is not the place for people who are curious to try out the sport of running. However, running a marathon can be a very rewarding experience if you have built up and are prepared for the challenge.

Most runners will begin the training process for a marathon at between 15 to 18 weeks before the event. This schedule assumes one has some experience with running and understands the necessity of form and appropriate clothing. Training as one intends to play (more…)

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Complete Guide To Competing In A MarathonSep 12, 2011

Running a marathon can be both difficult and rewarding for runners who want to take their fitness to the next level. Before you begin your marathon, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your race will be a success:
1. Water: As with all sports, staying hydrated is extremely important. Make sure that you have a reliable source of water and that you drink often.
2. Correct gear: Wear shoes and clothing that fits properly and won-t begin to hurt in the later stages of the race.Didn-t catch that? This explains it.
3. (more…)

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Reasons For Participating In A MarathonSep 10, 2011

There are many reasons why people decide to participate in marathon races. These sporting events have become very widespread and are located all over the world. Some reasons are given below.


Competition is one of the main reasons for running in marathons. Runners receive an emotional charge when trying to beat out the other runners to win the race. It is a personal enjoyment during the act and a thrill to know that he or she was capable of winning or even just finishing the marathon.


To (more…)

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